Do you know that you can earn from your stored funds in your Perfectmoney card ?

The Perfectmoney mastercard has a unique features which allow the holders to make extra earning through the option of stored funds with a daily or monthly / yearly earning , any perfectmoney card holder can benefit fromthis programe , here is below how it works :

Silver  (Out of service)

10-100 USD2.5%Daily (6 days/week) 
100-500 USD3.5%Daily (6 days/week)  
500-1500 USD4.7%Daily  (6 days/week) 

Golden   (Out of service)

150-500 USD10.5%Weekly
500-1500 USD12.5%Weekly
1500-3000 USD20.5%Weekly

Platinum   (Out of service)

500-1500 USD45.5%Monthy 
1500-3000 USD60.5%Monthly 
3000-10000 USD135.5%Monthly 

* All the plans has thier own activation code for each customer or Perfectmoney card holder which can be found under your order history after applying for the card 

* Each holder can apply for the maximum of three investing plans at once

* Earning are avalable on the card and available for withdrawal at any time 

* You can cancel any plan at any time and get your earning instantly