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Card security center

PerfectMoneyCard Security center

Democratic approach of Perfect Money card system enables every Customer to decide independently which security settings he needs to use for his account. Every customer of PMC makes a compromise with himself and chooses his own edge of convenience of use and protection of his account from non-authorized view or use.

Identity Check
This tool is used for identification of PM account Customer. This instrument is a kind of artificial eye for which may be cannot show the face of the Customer alive but provides the possibility to identify the computer used to enter the account. In case if Customer authentication is performed from the net or subnet of IP addresses that are not related to the account owner system blocks the entrance to account and sends an additional safety code to the e-mail specified during account registration. Change of IP is made individually by means of Support Center.

SMS Authentication
This system is used for creation of logical connection between Customer account and his cell number to which the System sends confirmation code for identification of the real account owner. SMSLogin system is the most perfect and reliable method of Customer protection from non-authorized account entrance as the time spent on the whole operation of code exchange and its entering into account is extremely short and insufficient for cracking operation.

CodeCard Protection
In this method the customer gets a card with graphic picture of code sent to e-mail. For confirmation of transaction the system sends the Customer an inquiry on random order delivery of definite code from that card. CodeCard is a convenient and reliable protection measure for confirmation of transactions that has shown itself in the majority of prominent financial institutions of the world.

Anti Fraud screening system features state of the art security system working for the benefit of our customers. Every transaction passes Anti Fraud screening system which prevents money theft even if account login information has been compromised. Our system uses unique transaction monitoring algorithms which make Perfect Money card a safer place for customers and make for an unpleasant experience to individuals attempting to use our system unlawfully.


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Functionality and normal operation of is maintained by safety system and set of protection means. However, security department of PerfectMoneycard considers necessary to warn every customer about possible threats and intensively asks everybody to be more careful with his accounts.

Dear customers!

  • Be aware of any hacker activities! For your own security keep your firewall and Anti-Virus program working, watch out for key-loggers, spoofed website, and the URL in address line should always be

  • Please keep your passwords and access codes far from strangers. See about protecting the access to all your data that can be used for authentication user in PM.

  • Don't forget to change your password for system entry as frequently as it is possible.

  • Don't trust your password to the third parties

  • Keep in mind, we never ask you to send your passwords and access codes to us by e-mail.

  • Be careful with electronic mail and don't open messages from unknown senders. Don't answer such messages. They may contain viruses which can enter your computer and send to swindlers all the information necessary to get the access into your account.

  • Don't download unknown programs even if they offer to reinforce the protection of your computer. Such programs may contain malware, adware, viruses, exploits, bots.

  • We recommend you to use all protection tools provided by PM itself as far as it is possible.

  • In case of any questions don't hesitate to address Support Service of

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