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Frequently Asked Questions

To become a customer of PerfectMoneycard, you need to register in the system.

We accepte Perfectmoney and cryptocurrencies and bank transfers through perfectmoney .

We ship via FREE SHIPPING for free by Royal mail , and we have also EXPRESS DELIVERY by DHL .

Free shipping 7-14 days while EXPRESS DELIVERY by DHL not more than 5 Days 

Money deposites are instantly . The money is credited to your card immediately.

  • Withdraw your money from any ATM worldwide ;
  • Withdraw with your local currency USD.EURO.AED.GBP...
  • Store funds in a secure account and receive interest;
  • pay for goods and services in various online stores;
  • store your assets in cryptocurrency with no risks and no need to set up an additional wallet;
  • Activate paypal and other platform with your card ;
  • Receive funds to your card bank account Via U.S payment service
  • Send money from your card to any cryptocurrency wallet
  • The balance in your perfectmoney is the same as your card 

Each user account is a multicurrency one. It is subdivided into 4 different currency accounts:

  • USD (PM units, the equivalent of United States dollar)
  • EUR (PM units, the equivalent of Euro)
  • PMC (Perfectmoney card in USD or Euro
  • Bitcoin (property rights for the publication of entries in the global public database of network on behalf of PerfectMoneycard are reserved by Startup Research & Investments LLC);
To become a customer of Perfect Money CARD, you need to register in the system.
If you want to register in the PerfectMoneycard system, you need to click on the “Sign up” link at the top of the home page, and then enter your information.
It is possible that you have entered a wrong e-mail address during registration, or your spam filters blocked an automatically generated message sent by our system. Check your Spam folder; the message will probably be delivered in a few hours. Otherwise please register again using another e-mail address.
Yes, but all the accounts should contain the same personal data.
First of all, make sure that the address bar of your browser displays the proper URL: If possible, try to use a virtual keyboard as it will protect you from potential identity theft by spyware. Please remember that to log into your account, you only need to use your username, password, captcha code. In some cases, we may ask you to confirm your identity by entering a code sent to your email. We never ask you for your email address and password. If you see any requests of such kind, it means you are on a phishing site – leave it! We strongly recommend that you enable additional security tools such as SMS Login and the Code Card. These tools will provide high level of protection for your account against unauthorized access. Please make sure that your antivirus is up-to-date and your computer is virus/malware free
“My Account” is the first page you see upon logging into the Member area. Here you can find your recent transactions and withdrawal history, information about your accounts, as well as details about the security tools used in your account.
The minimum amount is currently 5 USD or its equivalent in other currency. This number may change with no prior notice.
Money deposites are instantly . The money is credited to your account immediately.
You can monitor the status in the "Order history" section, or check your e-mail frequently.
Please create a deposit (Topup) order. To do that, please go to the "Deposit" section, select "Bitcoin", and when the page opens, click "Create a new deposit". Select your card and enter deposit amount. Click "Preview". Make sure that all information is correct and submit your application. After your application is submitted, please send the amount exactly as specified to the account provided.
Yes, you can. However, all the payments should be made within 24 hours after the creation of your application and the sum of your payments should equal the amount specified at your order.
The minimum amount is set by your local Banks ATMs , as well we set a 5 $ as minimum
$ 5000 daily and $ 50.000 monthly for the first month ofusing the card , after that no limits .
Here you can find information on your financial activity. Any operation can be tracked by a transaction number . In this section you can also manage your card limits .
Most companies in the world have hard copies of their electronic documents. CSV history is your account statement available in a format that can be opened and printed using Microsoft Excel.
It helps you to analyze all the operations performed within your account. You can find a specific transaction by filtering actions, time period or other parameters. You also can import your history into a text format and save it.
Yes, it is. You can use filters to arrange information.
Yes, you can. Our system offers an option to sort by dates, thus significantly reducing your search scope to a specific time interval.
You may use this section to make changes for the personal data in your account, to specify the information , to enable or disable your security options, to enable notifications, add your verified websites and phone numbers,and to configure access by selection of IP masks.
We ship by DHL to all countries worldwide.
VIP Plans are an investments plans that allow our selective card holders to earn a passive income
VIP plans are accesible only for some selective card holders and you can join by having an Activation code or Investing code only .
Your earning depends on how much you have invested and depends on which plan you chose .
You can coin multiple plans but you can't join the same plan more than once , also you can't apply for a plan in a row .
You should know that if you invested through your card , the earnings are goes directly to the card , However you can ask for a full withdrawal of your earning to your pm wallet with an extra 4.5% fees need tp be paid from your wallet .
Yes , most of our investors applied for the card just to use our VIP plans so they can make money while waiting for the card
No , Plan A and B are free to withdraw , but plan C you have to pay extra 12.5% from your wallet in order to withdraw your earnings
For PLAN A,B , You can join only one time per day and one time per week , however you can join plan C everyday .
We ship the card immediately after you ordered your card .
We ship via DHL in 5-7 Days for FREE and we Have Express delivery in 2 Days .
Yes , each card has it's own Iban account number and Swiftcode to send/receive payments from any bank worldwide .
You can contact us by Live chat 24/24 Or contactus by email or create an email ticket .
Yes , you an have more than one card and you can link up to 5 wallets ID to your card . As well as we do bulk orders for busines and indivudials .
Yes ,we do but at TRC20 chain only .
You can contact our live support team by clicking on the green icon and start a new conversation , if we are offline please be patient our support team always try hard to be online in time to answer all your concerns and question .
Yes we have offers for business partners and for personal partners .

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Perfectmoneycard is authtorized by perfectmoney as a certified card processor and it is the official website and the only place where you can get your perfectmoney card .