Perfectmoney is an online payment system that is trusted by millions of investors , merchants and exchangers .Nowaday Perfectmoney who has been punlished in 2007 today it has one of the most value payment system on the internet banking and this is related to many advantages that this bank can provide : 

The high security measures : It take the most security measures including SMS , IP and Email are necessary to login/create your account and let your account far away from hacking or pishing .

Non refundable payment : this is an option which many bank on the real world or even the internet world missed it to become the main option why people like to use perfectmoney bank as a payment method inclluding merchant exchangers , black markets , once you send the money there is no way to get a chargeback and that protect both sides the seller/buyer , of course all the options are mentioned on the TERMS&CONDITIONS Page . 

The fees are low : whanever you use your perfectmoney to send a payment it cost you 1.99% for unverified account and 0.5% for verified account make it one of the lowest internet banking system on the planet . 

Investing and Gambling : Back to a survey by instaforex , Perfectmoney has been chosed the best way for investors to invest thier money with and 73% of all investors worldwide are chosing Perfectmoney as a payment method for investing or Gambling

Through the years Perfectmoney now has become most popular and earned trust by thier members/customers/investors/gamblers  making it one of the top 5 Payment methods on the internet .