Pay with popular cryptocurrencies and accept them at your websites

Now Perfect Moneycard can order the card  with popular cryptocurrencies . Business cards can accept payments from their customers through cryptocurrencies with no hassle.

To order, all you need to do is to select the new "Cryptocurrencies" method, pick cryptocurrency of your choice from the list, and make a payment in a single click.

Accepting payments on your card does not involve any additional integration. The new feature is already available and ready to use. Your customers will be paying for  services from their cryptocurrency wallets, and your card will be credited .

List of cryptocurrencies accepted for payment:

- Bitcoin
- Dogecoin
- Ethereum
- Binance Coin Litecoin
- Dash
- Shiba Inu

Advantages for users:

Now you can receive cryptocurrencies to your card : 200+ countries and more than 75000 companies.

You can start accepting cryptocurrencies on your card right now with no additional effort. No crypto wallet registration, technical integrations or additional risks posed by volatile cryprocurrency exchange rates. Expanding the payment method range will considerably increase your customer base along with your profits. Do not forget to let your customers know about the new payment method!

The Perfect Money card team is dedicated to developing new services along with improving the existing ones.
Thank you for your loyalty!