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Welcome to a new generation of payment system

PerfectMoneycard targets to bring the transactions on the Internet to the ideal level and by usine Perfectmoney card you will be able to level up the experience of deposites and withdrawals of your funds by a perfectmoney card for the first time in the market which it is used at any ATM worldwide and can be used at online shopping stores and services , it is accepted in paypal verification due to the U.S payment service that it comes with , Perfectmoneycard makes sending/receiving money easier than ever you can send/receive instantly with no third party , Sending from your perfectmoneycard to any other perfectmoneycard is instant and free , no Verification needed and no IDs needed Just make sure you have a valid perfectmoney account wallet id whatever it is UXXXXX or EXXXXX or BXXXXX , Anyone can order this card Whatever you're in U.S.A or Europe , Asia or Africa ,it is for worldwide you can apply for this card in a few steps and get the most of money freedom and be your own bank. 

Immediacy and speed of transactions

Bank system in its modern interpretation is too conservative and slow, and also greatly influenced by the political situation in the world, which impacts the speed of transactions. Management control and national security programs slacken the pace of financial transactions despite the necessity to implement some new methods of business cooperation between contractors. And we understand the crucial importance of transaction immediacy so the only factor that might influence the speed of transaction processing is technical imperfection of modern communication channels and data-transmission lines.


The world practice of electronic payment systems has shown that financial control over a legal and a physical person may be complicated by the different tasks created by the system's users. As a result, at the pilot stage Perfect Money card engineers aimed to offer its users the maximum functionality and simplicity of payment system’s use. Perfect Money is designed to make finance control equally convenient both for complex business structures with multi-million turnovers and for individuals using e-money for micro-payments.

Support 24/7/365 provides financial management and customer support to ensure every user in finding the individual approach to solving his/her problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our qualified specialists working in the Customer support center of Perfect Money are competent in the field of bank activity and financial transactions in Internet. The mode of the Support Center allows users to ask any question, to perform any transaction or to see the account balance at any convenient time.


The modern market conditions gave an impulse for the creation of Perfect Money card as an utmost liquid system. All users of PM can easily convert their funds into other electronic currencies within the shortest terms and at reasonable rates. The established algorithm of cooperation with banks allows us to receive and to send wire transfers worldwide with the maximum possible speed and with the minimum losses for the customer..

Due to the world globalization of finances a wide range of currency in the world economy causes a lot of inconvenience for many companies which run their business in different countries. Perfect Money card has solved the problem by creating a convenient and universal tool for settlements among participants of e-commerce. Our goal is to provide people with opportunity to process any transaction worldwide.


  • has started to make progress into the banking busines allowing users to own a unique Physical card linked directly to the Pm account wallet ID that allow the customers to withdraw thier funds from any ATM worldwide in a verry low fees of 0.15% . 
  • is the only business and the first ones to provide this busines to any Perfectmoney account holder making banking system easy and professional .
  • is authorized by as a certified money exchanger and honorable partner and a card provider by Mastercard
  • Provides physical cards that are linked to the main Perfectmoney account wallets (UXXXXXX or EXXXXXX or GXXXXX or BXXXXXX) Whatever was an Euro wallet or USD walet or Gold wallet or Bicoin wallet and you can link up to 5 Wallets into one debit card .
  • Has officialy took the certificat from Mastercard to process payments via Mastercard Servers including ATMs and EPCS servers .
  • will soon have the ability to launch a new platform for virtual cards .
  • Enjoy the most secure features With SMS-Secure and MasterCard SecureCode .


In every operation performed By perfectmoneycard we aspire to offer our customers perfect service. 
We know that future has Perfect Money, and you have an opportunity to become our customer ! 

    • Safely store money funds on electronic account and get monthly interests
    • Make payment for goods and services in Internet shops
    • Buy/withdraw Bitcoin, Gold Metal, USD and EUR at any ATM 
    • Receive payments from any bank worldwide
    • Withdraw directly via your Perfectmoney Card
    • Make regular payments to any bank via U.S payment service


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Perfectmoneycard is authtorized by perfectmoney as a certified card processor and it is the official website and the only place where you can get your perfectmoney card .