is the only place which you can find and get your perfectmoney Debit card from , it is authorized by and Master card

Here is how to apply for the card : 

Register :

To register please click on Register in the Home Page or CLICK HERE

After that fill in all your information :Name ,Last name,email ....

1 :  Write your First name 

2 :  Write your Last name

3 :  Write your email ( use a valid email so you can get notification about deposites ,withdrawal , statements and earning ....) 

4 :  Write your phone number + Country code (+1 XXXX XXX XXX)

5 :  Write your Password 

6 :  Re-write your Password

7 :  Click YES if you want to subscribe in our Newsletter (Optional)

8 :  Agree to our Terms&Conditions of using .

9 :  Click Continue .

Now your account has been created succesfuly and you will receive a congratulation message in your email .

Login to your account 

Click Login icon in the right top of the page or in the Main menu or CLICK HERE

Then fill in the informations :

1 :  Write your email you used in registration page 

2 :  Write your password you used to register in the platform 

3 :  Click Login 

Now you're logged succesfully into your account .

Click Order now icon in the right in order to apply for a Perfectmoney Card , Or CLICK HERE

Then fill in all your informations 

This is the Order page 

1 ;  Card type : Select Mastercard (We offer only Mastercard )

2 :  Currency : Select your currency ( USD.EURO.GBP)

3 :  Name printed on card : If you want you name to be writed in your Mastercard 

4 :  Full Name : Write your full name or the card holder Name 

5 :  Adress : Write your adress which can be used to receive your Perfectmoney card 

6 :  Country : Your country 

7 :  City : Your city 

8 : Phone number : Must be at International form ex (+1 xxx xxxx xxx)

9 :  Your perfectmoney Wallet ID : don't put your Perfectmoney ID which you use to login , write your Wallet ID (UXXXXX OR EXXXXX) .You can change it later or add more than one wallet ID .

10 :  Write something if you have any additional informations or shipping conditions  or any request ( Optional) . You can leave it blank .

11 :  Card Balance : You can get your card with credit on it by chosing any top up amount or you can have empty card ( Adding credit at first wil get you 5% daily earning available for withdrawal )

12 :  Card Color : The Red color is the only color available for now .

13 :  Zip code : Write your Zip code of your adress if you're not sure about it write 0000 ( We will add it manualy)

14 :  Click Order now to process ordering .

The next page is to Select payment method and Shipping method

1 :  Payment Method : Select Perfectmoney if you want to pay with Perfectmoney or Cryptocurrencies .

2 :  Shipping Method : Select Free shipping with DHL usuay take 5-7 days Or Select DHL Express shipping which the card arrives in 3 Days for most countries .

3 : Coupon - certifecat - points : If you have any Gift code or coupon code use it to reduce the card price , if you don't have it leave it blank .

4 : Billing Adress : Write your Informtion : Name,adress,phone number, country , city ,region/state ,post code .... and Click (My delivery and Billing Adresses are the same) If you have the sameadress you used in the card's order form .  

-- Scroll down --

5 :  If you have any addition information about shipping and instructions or delivery time ...Write it , or Leave it blank

6 :  - Click on If you want to subscribe in the newsletter 

      - Click I have read and agree to the terms and conditions .

7 :  Confirm your order 

Now all your information are filled succesfuly . Now you will redirect to the last step 

1 :  Select Perfectmoney Account : If you want to  apply for your card by your funds in your perfectmoney account :

2 :  Select E-coupon : If you want to pay by an e-voucher 

3 :  Select Cryptocurenccies : To pay with Cryptocurrencies : Bitcoin,Etherum,USDT,Litcoin,Dash,Bitcoin cash ,DogeCoin.....

4 :  Click on Make payment to process Your Card Order .

After completing your payment you will get a confirmation notification in your email and a text message to your phone number and you can view your order status in your order history and track your card .

* Last step is to go to your Perfectmoney account and refresh the page and you will find your card wallet id .

*For more information we suggest you to contact us , our support wil be happy to receive your inqueries and your complains regarding ordering Perfectmoney card , our support team can also order your card for you manualy . Please fee free to contact us .